Full Specifications Of the Ninja SS151 TWISTi Blender DUO SS151

  • Manufacturer SharkNinja
  • Brand Ninja
  • Size: 34 oz. Pitcher + Twist Tamper
  • 34 oz. Pitcher + Twist Tamper
  • 72 oz. Pitcher + Dough Blade
  • Color Gray
  • Voltage 120
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 15 x 8.3 x 13.8 inches
  • Wattage 1600 watts
  • Product Dimensions 15 x 8.3 x 13.8 inches
  • Item Weight 7.19 pounds
  •   Global  rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars 2,123 ratings
  • Item model number SS151
  • Customer Reviews 4.7 out of 5 stars 2,123 ratings
    4.7 out of 5 stars
  • Date First Available March 29, 2022
  • 1600 Peak-Watt Motor Base
  • 34 Oz. Power Pitcher With Drizzle Cap
  • 24 Oz. Single Serve Cup With Lid
  • 18 Oz. Nutrient Extraction Single Serve Cup With Lid
  • Hybrid-Edge Blades Assembly
  • 10-Recipe Inspiration Guide
  •  Money-back included
  •  Please view the price here on amazon  <<==. 

What do you get?

What you get is the  Ninja  SS151  TWISTi Blender DUO, High-Speed 1600 WP comes with everything a  Smoothie Maker and  Nutrient Extractor should have.

Easy to use with  5 Functions as well as more smart torque, 34-oz. Pitcher and  (2) To-Go Cups are included to get them out of your ingredients.  Perfect for your quick personal and family blend.


How Can You Benefit From the Ninja SS151 TWISTi Blender DUO:  Why do you need a blender of this type for food preparations.

You can benefit from the  Ninja blender if you buy now, you can save big with their list price Coupon going on right now on Amazon,    save up to   (14%) of comparing to their normal price.

Plus, you can save even more when you apply other ninja products to buy.

The  “ninja twisti blender”  is the  Right  Choice for all your nutritious food preparations.

Why do you need a blender of this type?

The reason why you need a blender of this type is the quality credibility and diversity of the design.

The   Ninja twisi is equipped with a high-speed built-in motor to give you the quickest,   smoothies, and purest blend including hot and frozen ingredients that any blender doesn’t.

The ninja blender comes with its built-in twist tamper, hybrid-edge high-speed blade, and a powerful motor (  which we going to discuss here)  one after the other.

The twist tamper

What the twist tamper included does is that it pushes down the ingredients toward the high-speed blade to create a perfectly thick and smooth blend.

1600 Peak-Watt Power builtin motor

The  1600 Peak-Watt Power built-in motor is efficient enough to handle all of your personal and family blends,  plus,  thanks to the total control system, the bulletin twister temper, and high-speed blade offers an effective power to handle even the toughest.

Ninja SS151 TWISTi Blender DUO, High-Speed 1600 WP Smoothie Bowl Maker & Nutrient Extractor* 5 Functions for Smoothie Bowls, Spreads & More, smartTORQUE, 34-oz. Pitcher & (2) To-Go Cups, Gray
Ninja SS151 TWISTi Blender DUO, High-Speed 1600 WP Smoothie Bowl Maker & Nutrient Extractor* 5 Functions for Smoothie Bowls, Spreads & More, smartTORQUE, 34-oz. Pitcher & (2) To-Go Cups, Gray

High Effective Blade

Made from high quality and most safe material, the high effective blade inluded, coupled with the high-speed motor will power through anything even your toughest ingredient,     with the BPA free food graded blade inluded and the  1600 peak-watt power no stalling, no stirring, and no shaking motor you get nothing but the perfect texture-out of your various ingredients.

How Powerful is it

This highly effective blender with a hybrid assembly blade can chop and crush your various ingredients at a high-speed rate to deliver unmatched smooth frozen whole fruits and veggies, nuts seeds,  ice, and hot soups like puree,  gams, and many more in just 10 seconds.

 Easy to control

The multi-functional blender is easy to use thanks to its SMART TOUQUE  System,  the power-dense motor maintains high speed to deliver uninterrupted performance and it is also perfect for heavy food load with no hassle coursed to the motor,  it is versatile and easy to use for making extractions, smoothies,  frozen drinks spreads and bowls in just a touch of buttons.

Hand free and programmable Blender

The Auto -iq technology included is great, what it does is that it helps you take good care of the guesswork out of drink making with intelligent programs, however, you can combine unique timed pulsing, blending, and pausing patterns that do the work for you handsfree while you take care of other matters.

Ninja SS151 TWISTi Blender DUO SS151 vs. Other Blenders in the Market: What Set this blender apart from the rest of them.

  All parts are  BPA  free including  the cups

All  parts  included in the  multifunctional  blender are of high quality and BPA free  from toxic agents,  however, the  nutrient extraction of 2 cups

  • 24 Oz. Single Serve Cup With Lid
  • 18 Oz. Nutrient Extraction Single Serve Cup With Lid

is designed to give you a  better and safe ingredient ever,  portable easy to carry, just twist on a sprouting lid, and enjoy your drink on the go.

While the 34-oz pitcher inluded is perfect for all your daily needs and family,  perfect for extracting vitamins and nutrients from fruits and veggies.

Ninja SS151 TWISTi Blender DUO, High-Speed 1600 WP Smoothie Bowl Maker & Nutrient Extractor* 5 Functions for Smoothie Bowls, Spreads & More, smartTORQUE, 34-oz. Pitcher & (2) To-Go Cups, Gray
Ninja SS151 TWISTi Blender DUO, High-Speed 1600 WP Smoothie Bowl Maker & Nutrient Extractor* 5 Functions for Smoothie Bowls, Spreads & More, smartTORQUE, 34-oz. Pitcher & (2) To-Go Cups, Gray

Unique design makes it  easier to  clean

The diversity of the design of this blender is what really makes it clean,   it comes with an easy-to-clean base and dishwasher-safe parts.

While the drizzle cap is included permits the addition of ingredients to the blender while processing, and also helps to customize the flavor, it’s easy to removable the drizzle cap and pour.

What is inluded in the package?

  • 1600 Peak-Watt Motor Base
  • 24 Oz. Single Serve Cups With Lid
  • 34 Oz. Power Pitcher
  • 18 Oz. Nutrient Extraction Single Serve Cup With Lid
  • Hybrid-Edge Blades Assembly and  10-Recipe Inspiration Guide

Money-back Warranty included

The money-back warranty included gives you the possibility to return the blender and have your money back in case you are not satisfied with what you purchase. Ninja SS151 TWISTi Blender DUO SS151is backed up with quality assurance and good customer service,  so you can get in touch with them anytime if you have any questions, you have a Lifetime satisfaction guarantee at your disposal.

Pros, cons, and drawbacks of the Ninja SS151 TWISTi Blender DUO SS151


  • Multifunctional
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Secure and  stable
  • Durable  quality
  • High-quality   and  sturdy design
  • Money-back warranty included


Cons The Drawbacks

  • Limited edition
  • Little heavy

is Ninja SS151 TWISTi Blender DUO SS151 worth buying: Final thought

Yes, according to our in-depth research carried out on this multi-functional blender, we found out that this is worth buying and it is from a reliable brand,  it scores good ratings and reviews from those that are using it, you can find out here == >>

Here is what buyers are saying here about Ninja SS151 TWISTi Blender DUO SS151 >>> 

5.0 out of 5 stars Love it. Great blender with power
Reviewed in the United States on December 1, 2020
Size: 72 oz. Pitcher + Dough Blade
Late-night television infomercials would use these classic words “but there is more….”, well, in this case, there is more….The Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher System is a unique blender/food processor/smoothie maker/dough maker in one tiny 1400 watt device that every kitchen must-have.

I was skeptical since Ninja was one of those brands that I distinctly remember seeing on late-night TV with their infomercials.

The product is so much more than the seedy late-night connotations that may have risen to the brand that it is today; Ninja is a house name that stands for quality.

That said, how does this device hold up to the competition. My existing was a 25+-year-old blender and food processor from a brand that was synonymous with the classic American kitchen gadget.

The other was my daily use smoothie maker that I use every morning to make my shakes.

The Ninja Power Pitcher Systemblows both away in terms of versatility and power.

It must be noted that the increased power, and increased technology in the blades do make a difference. Even automated computer-controlled options do a very good job of making a perfect blend.

In the Box: The Power Pitcher System comes with a 1400 watt motor base which allows one to use the 72 ounce Power Pitcher blender (with lid), that interfaces with two different blades – one of them is a stacked blade, meant for chopping, blending and crushing, and the other being a dough blade.

The box also includes a 24-ounce power Nutri cup and a 14-ounce power Nutri bowl with some tamper paddles built-in. These two smaller containers have their own blades that allow one to make smoothies, make spreads like hummus.

Operation: The Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher system suggests the use of the “ Auto iQ” mode for most of your food processing needs.

There are 6 modes that are available, and depending on which base is connected, certain options are unavailable to use. That said, the Auto IQ mode allows one to Extract, Smoothie, Spread, Bowl, Chop, and Dough.

After the initial setup and washing of all the containers, I peeled and sliced 4 large carrots into 2-inch long pieces and put them in the Power Pitcher with the Stacked Blades. I selected the “chop” mode and hit start. Within 5 seconds, my carrots were chopped into bite-sized pieces.

Since I was making a stir fry dish, I needed a finer chop. Using the pulse button, I was able to finely chop the carrots into smaller chunks. Next up was my old favorite Cabbage.

Notorious for the uneven chop, I was pleasantly surprised that the Auto IQ chopped it in perfection.

Yes, there were a few leaves that did not get attention, but it was far better than the older kitchen equipment I have been using in the last few decades.

I tried the bowl and cup to make my morning breakfast. Loading it up with berries, milk, protein powder, and power-seeds, the Ninja Foodi in Smoothie mode, made a quick, homogeneous mixture out of the ingredients.

The system will auto-pause between cycles, to let the food slide down towards the blades before running full speed. The power cup is my fav, I will need to buy more of them as one is not enough.

The power bowl has this screw on tamper to help push food towards the blades. It is effective, and good to use when making hummus.

The Power Pitcher comes with a dough blade. You can use it to make cookies and cakes/dough.

The recipe booklet has a few options to make bread, but I wanted to make pizza and a layered fillo dough for a layered chapati (Indian bread). The pizza dough, with raw ingredients, did a pretty good job of making fresh pizza dough.

I let it mix, and ball up, before pulling it out and letting it rest for 20 minutes, before rolling it out. The layered Indian bread required more finesse, including pushing down the dough towards the blades to allow the blades to act on the dough.

The results were not quite what I expected, perhaps more layering, and more rolling is required in the future. The dough mode does work, and if you are looking to make bread, bagels, pizzas from scratch, this is a nice option to have.

Lots of power, Auto iQ works fabulously with varying food products
Sharp blades (be careful, I nicked myself and cut myself)
Quiet, easy to operate.

Needs more power cups and covers
Base suction cups are difficult to remove at times if you need to move it. The suction cups are effective
Inserting the Power Cup or Power Bowl is not that easy, requires a bit more force than the Power Pitcher, which just slides out

Ninja SS151 TWISTi Blender DUO SS151:  Conclusion

Hope this post help you If you have any question comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Please use the social buttons to share this post with others thanks.

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